NIWA HOLDINGS(丹羽ホールディングス)

business summary

  • Real Estate-Related Business

    Building leasing
    Condominium leasing
    Parking lot leasing
    Bicycle parking space leasing
    Real estate management
    Real estate brokerage

  • Corporate Investment

    Stock investment
    Joint business operation

  • Machine Products and Parts Sales

    Machine products and parts sales

  • Medical-Related Business

    Clinic opening support
    Medical-related operations
    Medical sign production

  • IoT Solution Business

    Smart home business
    Contact center business
    System-related business

  • Insurance Agency Business

    Nonlife insurance agency operation

  • Travel Agency Business

    Handling of domestic and overseas travel
    Travel insurance agency
    Travel-related product sales

  • Tax Consulting Operation

    Tax accountants' corporation operation
    Tax consulting

  • Real Estate Appraisal Operation

    Real estate appraisal coporate operation
    Real estate consulting

  • Overseas Business

    Operation of subway kiosks/convenience stores, food wholesale, and retail businesses in China
    Investment business in U.S.